The Tiger and Kind Man

Apero Fublic.- Cik’ Dollah was a kind man. He lived in a Kampung by himself. He knew how to use plants and flowers a medicine. Through hard work, he had learned how to bring the dead back to life. One day, while he was walking through the jungle, he saw a dead tiger which had been killed by a snake.

He felt sorry for the tiger and brought him back to life. The tiger leapt into the air with a great roar. “Why did you disturb my sleep ?’ he asked. “I was dreaming of having a great feast.” He said that he wanted to eat Cik Dollah at once.

“Please wait a moment.” Answer Cik Dollah, who felt very frightened.”Let’s find a judge  who can decide whether I did wrong in bringing you back to life.”

“I wasn’t dead.” Roared the tiger. “You only disturbed my sleep.”

The first animal they met was Mr. Fox. When he heard that he was to be the judge he was very pleased. He said that the man was wrong. But Cik Dollah said that Mr. Fox was very cunning and not fair to him. He told the tiger that he would like to see Mr. Buffalo who was very kind and patient since he ate nothing but grass.

However, when Mr. Buffalo saw the tiger coming, he felt frightened. He jumped into a pool where he remained with just his head showing above the water. “I don’t know what to say, your majesty.” He said to tiger. “I’m not a trained judge but I’m sure the man must be wrong.”

Again Cik Dollah said that Mr. Buffalo was not a fair judge as he was too frightened of the tiger. Cik Dollah asked the tiger for one last chance. The tiger and he then went to see Mr. Monkey. Mr. Monkey listened carefully to what the tiger and Cik Dollah had to say. He then said. “to judge this matter properly, I must see where the tiger was lying when Cik Dollah found him.

They all went back to the place where Cik Dollah had brought back the tiger to life. Mr. Monkey asked the tiger to lie down again just as he had done before. The tiger did so. He did not know he was lying on top of a snake’s hole. Once again, the snake came out of the hole and bit him. The tiger died a second time.

Cik Dollah wanted to bring him back to life. “no.” Said Mr. Monkey.” Let’s this be a good lesson to him. You already helped him once but he was ungrateful to you. You can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to help himself..

"Cik Dollah thanked Mr. Monkey, and they both saluted each other and went their separate ways.

Oleh. Leon Comber.
Rewrite. Apero Fublic.
Editor. Desti. S. Sos.
Fotografer. Dadang Saputra.
Sember: Leon Comber. Favourite Stories From Malaysia. Remaja Rosdakarya. Bandung, 2000.
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